Covid Compliance Code

An Open Source Project, just getting started. Please let me know how you can help.

Covid Compliance Promotion Project for Cinemas – This is the Code.

[Subsequent to starting this, NATO put their Cinema Safe sites online. See: – Since they have the motion and the connections and savvy, we’ll discontinue this effort. We may start on some checklists and education sites to contribute to them.]

The idea is to create positive news about how cinemas have worked very hard and well to create a safe space to gather to watch the communal experience on the big screen. What materials can be created – Stickers for doors, Trailers, instruction and checklists for employees, PR for the press – whatever we can do to get the message out.

Black Background Covid Compliance Code
Who will help write the Code? Is there materials out there already that someone will share?
Covid Compliance Code for Cinemas with Details
Help Write the Code. No Covid has been traced to Cinemas!

Quality Assurance Tools and News for Cinema Exhibition