Fun Tiff Downloads

These are the download links for some of the TIFF images. Pay attention to their color spaces…most are 2020, but some old P3s may have snuck in. They are also made for Full Frame, which for DCinema 4K means 4096 x 2160, not 3098 wide which would be normal width for Flat, right, or 3840 – 1920 x 2 – which happens to be for the consumer side of entertainment technology…meaning what it might compress to when put onto the normal computer monitor.

Oh, and they are 16bits per channel.

Oops…they might also be as many as 3,000 pixels per inch as well.

This first design brings dark to bright of each primary and secondary color, plus all colors combined as shades of grey, using a conical gradient. Click on the name to get the download page for the 8 meg TIFF: GradientsWhtPriSec

conical gradients Blk to white primaries and secondaries

This second design is trying to bring lens testing concepts into exhibition testing. Who knows whether it will work, and since some of the pieces originate as jpeg, not svg, it will evolve as it gets better. The download site is at: TrumpetsPriSec

LensTesting for DCinema!

Quality Assurance Tools and News for Cinema Exhibition