Managers Walk Through Series

Hi; these DCPs are being remade for the new Checklists that only check one feature (Sound | Picture | Accessibility Equipment, etc.) at a time. That way they are easier to use, and there is more time to get the proper report to the tech support people. These are OK, but you should know that they are going to change.

These are the download links for the DCPs of the Managers Walk Through Series. We hope you get good use from them and tell others about them.

We also hope that you will write us using the Contact (Please) form, telling of successes or areas that we can improve. Good luck to us all, eh?

Finally, what is the Correct Password to Download? QA_b4_QC

Report Form – Manager’s Walk Through

Align1 – 2K …SMPTE Compliant Format

Align1 – 4K …SMPTE Compliant Format

Faces1 Test – 2K

Faces1 Test – 4K

xkcd1080 – 2K – SMPTE Compliant Format

xkcd1080 – 4K – SMPTE Compliant Format

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Use this link for the Technician’s Toolset Series of DCPS.

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