Manager’s Emergency Equipment Walk Through Report Form

Bodies Betray

That may not be the first thought when entering the building every day, but after an emergency you will wish that it was.

Patron’s bodies. Employee’s bodies. Vendor’s bodies. What do you do when they fall over in front of you, or when a customer runs toward you and says that someone has stopped breathing next to them in the theater?

How much can we prepare for? How trained can we be?

There are three things required that will create a well handled Emergency.

1) Being prepared.

2) Practice. Making Mistakes during practice. Fixing mistakes during practice.

3) Make certain that the tools are constantly and consistently where you think they are and are ready to work.

Being prepared is a corporate function. How many tools have they given you? Heart Defibrillator? Training for the Defibrillator? Regular CPR training and practice time? Handling problems with the food systems and the employees is noble work, but successfully saving lives is something you will remember forever.

Our checklist checks to see if the tools that you believe you have are where you think they are and are ready to be used when you need them.

If you realize that you don’t understand how to do something, or what something means, — review the lessons on the Cinema Test Tools website. — And, ask questions using the Contact Form. — Keep doing the best you can, each time learning a little more – nobody was born with this knowledge. — The film makers appreciate it, your customers appreciate it. (Yeah, really. I was just talking to them.)

Quality Assurance Tools and News for Cinema Exhibition

Emergancy Tools Walk Through Report Form

Total Number of Defibrillators

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Broken chair? Sticky or slippery floors? Lights not going all the way on or off? Rattles in the Air Conditioning? A weird smell? Floor LED problem? Screen damage?

Fire Extinguishers — Position | Readiness | Anything Odd

Fire Extinguishers are regulated devices and should be checked regularly by a trained person — But that doesn't mean that staff shouldn't know where each one is, that it is hanging correctly without any block, and know with a certainty that they saw it and noticed how to tell when the indicator says it is over or under charged.

Total Number of Fire Extinguishers

Total Number of Emergancy Exit Doors

Unwanted Noises?

Picture Quality — Contrast | Brightness | Color | Focus

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