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1 Minute times 6; SMPTE Pink 2095-1

Very simple set of 2095-1 SMPTE Pink Noise going around a 5.1 room, one minute in each channel: Left, Center, Right, Right Surround, Left Surround, then LFE. The LFE is last and is not filtered – suggestions on filter frequencies for a future version will be welcomed.

There is also no Fade In or Fade Out.

There are slides every 20 seconds that have a pink dot in a logical on-screen position to designate where the Pink should be coming out of. These slides revolve through 6 sets, all which start with a black slide with spots in a gradient white to 18% grey, and triangles in the center that are 95% and 90% black and a couple of subtleties that should be written up elsewhere. The second slide is a variation of different test panels used in other kits, and finally the system shows a selection of faces.

Suggestions to better this set and suggestions on fitting different use cases are welcomed. Just click on the Contact button above…or, on this Contact Form added for your convenience.

[This DCP has been made but hasn’t yet been tested…therefore, it is not uploaded yet…send a note to tell me to hurry it up…]

And, as always, QA_b4_QC

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