Beta Test – New, Online, Managers WalkThrough Form

We are preparing the launch of an exciting new service. Out with the old paper form of the Managers WalkThrough Report Form – In with the Online Forms. Give it a try.

Use the link on the line above, or click on the “Routines” pulldown in the Menu above.  Select Managers WalkThrough Report Form on your phone or tablet or portable computer. Get settled in the auditorium that you want to check  the sound and picture. When ready, have someone start up one of the Cinema Test Tools DCPs …and click away on the online form.

If everything is cool, all stays nice and simple. But if any of the answers requires that you pass information to the tech (for example), the form magically opens up, giving you a place to tell everyone what you saw or heard.

Like the DCPs and lessons, the new Online Form Series is free. We hope you will use it for every theater every week…or more if you want. The Safety and Security Form is just about ready and the Monday CleanUp will also be released soon. Read further to learn about emailing the form and other Q&A.

It will send a form to yourself and if you click the box, it will send a report to the tech at the email address that you give.

If you want to put this form onto your own computer network, that is possible and comes with added features. For instance, you can have every form go to a Google Sheet, or have the data fill your SQL database. The form is made with open source tools, so we can deliver many ideas that you might have.

Let us know how this works for you, and how we can adjust things to make it better.

…and as they say, good luck to us all.