SMPTE Rotating Pink; ProTools Files

SMPTE Rotating Pink-4.5; ProTools Files
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SMPTE Rotating Pink; ProTools Files

From these ProTools files the downloads New SMPTE Pink Noise Tones; 7.1 and 5.1 were created.

Use the Code QA_b4_QC in the Password above to download.


There is a ReadMe that describes a ProTools bug that Jim Fitzpatrick found while making this file...depends on your software level of course, so just be aware if you make variations on these files:

Just discovered a protools bug:

I set the Pan depth to -4.5 and the rendered files are made that way, as you requested.

However when I close and reopen the session, ProTools magically sets the pan depth to its default of -2.5 !

This does not effect the files I sent to you...they are correct. This will only come into play if someone opens the Protools session to look at it or modify it. It will come up at -2.5 and have to manually change the setting to -4.5.

From this you should gather that the pan law is at 4.5 as the tone is shifted from one speaker set to the next. There is a brief hold at each speaker before moving to the next, except from the final Left Front to the LFE. In addition, the LFE holds twice as long, and ends the set.

If you come up with other cool variations of this file, please share them with us. We will post them with your comments, and if you send the tones themselves and a DCP, we will post that as well, with full acknowledgements, of course.

Download passcode is QA_b4_QC

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