ST2117 – Flat and Scope Test DCPs

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This download expands into 2 DCPs, one for Flat (Constant Width) and one for Scope (Constant Height) Screens. Each is 20 seconds long, each begins with a targeting slide for 10 seconds which is followed by a black and white measuring slide.

The download password is restricted to SMPTE Standards Committee members – please join the fun.

These DCPs follow the concepts of ST431-2 and ST196 with 9 targets at the edges and corners. There are two major changes though, both part of the new ST2117 document.

First, to diminish the effects of flare and glare in the measuring devices – which can add as much as 10% to a reading – these slides use a constrained measuring spot. Instead of following the directions of the previous standards, to measure in from the corners and edges by 5%, these target spots are placed so that their center is on a 10% of the screen width line. This allows for masking inconsistencies of 5%. The spots are sized at 8% of screen width so that measuring devices with a 2° aperture can easily be used from a distance that is 3 screen heights back.

Preceding the measurement slide is a slide that acts as a targeting slide, grey in color with blue pointers so that the measuring person doesn't have to stare into a white space to get the device set.

The DCPs work on the presumption that one can stop the DCP for a moment while aiming and  measuring.

At this time, these are not officially the drawings of the new standard. If you notice anything wrong, please let us know.

Further, there are circumstances where your tech team doesn't want or need to allow for any masking. If requested, we will design a similar pattern that has the 8% spots on a 5% line.

You will notice that the Targeting Slides have names and letter designations for the measuring points. These help when one person is making notations and another is taking the measurements. The letter designations can also be used for database designations. It is an attempt to assist record keeping. Let us know how this might be improved or successes you have had with them.

Finally, the slides for these are available at:

ST2117 – Flat and Scope Tiff Slides

Measuring Slide – Flat 2117 Style
Measuring Slide – Flat 2117 Style

Targeting Slide – Flat 2117 Style
Targeting Slide – Flat 2117 Style

Measuring Slide – Scope 2117 Style
Measuring Slide – Scope 2117 Style

Targeting Slide – Scope 2117 Style
Targeting Slide – Scope 2117 Style

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